Renting a storage space from Hampton hire comes with plenty of perks. Not only are our self-storage spaces secure, affordable and available in a range of sizes, we offer a range of accompanying services to make your move much easier. One of these is truck hire so that you can take full control of your move. Let’s find out why hiring a truck and moving yourself is easier and more affordable than you think.

1. No Car, No problem
Don’t own a car? Need to move? Truck Hire is a good option. Rather than try and borrow a car from friends or family, hiring a truck is quick, easy and affordable. Plus, it’s highly likely larger items won’t fit into a car anyway!

The good news is that if you are looking to hire a car, Hampton Hire & Storage has a range of vehicles available for short or long-term hire. We also offer ute hire and trailer hire!

2. Stay In Control
When you hire a moving truck and drive it yourself, you are in charge of the speed and the route. Travel at your own pace and avoid speed bumps or other hazards that could potentially damage your more delicate items. In NSW, drivers who hold a full car license can drive vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

3. Save Time
Rather than making multiple trips in your car, hiring a truck for your self-storage move means you will more than likely be able to move your belonging in a single trip. Hampton Hire’s rental trucks are generously sized too (inside dimensions: 4200 x 23000 x 2100), so a single-trip move is even more likely! Forget the pressure of being ready in time for the movers as well!

Truck Rental in Ulladulla

When you rent a storage space from Hampton Hire & Storage, you can take advantage of our free truck hire. Conditions do apply, but if you are planning a self-storage move within 100kms of Ulladulla, get in touch with our friendly team today. We have both auto and manual 3-ton Pantec Trucks, all of which seat three persons, run on diesel and feature a 500kg hydraulic tailgate lifter and tie down railings (inside dimensions 4200 x 23000 x 2100).