Have You Been Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo’s Netflix show has sparked a flurry of tidying up across the country, and with it, a spike in people looking for self storage spaces.

In this post we’ll look at some of Marie Kondo’s top tidying tips and how you can use self-storage to your tidying advantage.

Marie Kondo’s Top Tidying Tips

A lot has been said, and a lot of jokes made about Marie’s tagline “Does it spark joy?” the principle that underlines her tidying philosophy. However, the idea isn’t to ask the question of every single household object, but rather to use it as a generalised approach to our personal possessions. More of Marie’s tips include:

  • Decant your household products to reduce ‘noise’ from branded products.
  • Fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way (see video) and place in drawers standing up to save space.
  • Take the tags and labels off new items straight away. This creates a sense of ownership  (instead of thinking you might return them) and in the long run, will help you buy less.
  • Keep your fridge about 30% empty and use the extra space for new groceries and leftovers.

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Can’t Throw Away? Hire a Self Storage Unit

One of Marie Kondo’s dislikes is dumping excess stuff on parents or other family members. She believes this burdens them and doesn’t solve the problem. So, if you have items that you just can’t part with, hiring a self storage unit is a smart way to keep your home free of clutter and not have to part with your belongings forever.