According to experts, it isn’t healthy to be constantly surrounded by clutter. Not only does it make your home look unattractive, clutter can also negatively affect your health and wellbeing. So, what better time to declutter your home than the start of a new year? Here are some home organisation and decluttering tips to help you get started.

Stop Buying Items You Don’t Need

To avoid clutter from piling up, stop bringing unnecessary items into your home. When you go on a shopping trip, carefully consider what you are buying. Try to avoid making impulse purchases, especially when your favourite shop or department store is having a sale. By being mindful of what you are putting in your shopping cart, not only can you prevent clutter in your home, you can also maximise your savings.

Set Aside Time For Cleaning

Instead of trying to clean your entire house in one day, allocate about 20 to 30 minutes of your day to keeping your home clean and organised. This will make it easier for you to accomplish your goal of decluttering and cleaning your home, which can be pretty overwhelming if you do it in just one go.

Tackle Your Indecision

If you’re an indecisive person, and you’re not sure which items you should toss or keep, try creating a pile of things you “might” need. Then, hide the pile somewhere for a month. If you don’t use any of the items during that time, they are probably not that important!

Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

If your wardrobe is already bursting at the seams and yet you never seem to find anything to wear, it’s a sign that you need to declutter your wardrobe. Keep your wardrobe fresh by sorting your clothes and putting seasonal items in storage. For items you haven’t worn in over a year, it’s better that you sell them or donate them to charity.

Rent A Storage Unit

Try to declutter using self-storage. If there are too many valuable items in your home and it’s not practical to sell them or give them away, you should consider getting a self-storage unit and then putting them in your rented space. Not only will this free up more usable space in your home, but you can also ensure the safety of the items.

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