Before you put your belongings into storage, we highly recommend creating a self storage inventory. Too often we see our customers opening and closing boxes, desperately searching for a much-needed item. Given that storage spaces come in different sizes, sometimes it really can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve also heard stories from customers who have replaced an item because they forgot they had put it in storage! So, what’s the solution? An inventory of course! We guarantee a well-planned inventory will save you time and money in the long run.

Label & Organise

Good old-fashioned pen and paper is the easiest way to start your storage inventory. Label your boxes, number them and then write down each item you place inside them. These lists can then be entered into a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets later on. It’s handy to have electronic lists because they can easily be updated when items are removed or added. An electronic inventory also allows you to sort your items in different ways, making it quicker to find an item.

If pen and paper aren’t for you, there are some good home contents inventory apps you can use to make organising your belongings easier. We like the look of Home Contents, Sortly and MyStuff. Sortly even features a powerful moving checklist with QR labels, tags, notes, photos and video. Most importantly, all these apps have an automatic backup & sync feature through a secure cloud, so you know your inventory will be safe.

Keeping it Safe

Unless you are using a cloud-based app, you will need to keep your inventory list somewhere safe. It’s not unusual for us to see clients keeping their inventory lists inside their storage spaces. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, you should always have more than one copy. Creating a digital copy of your storage space items in a cloud-based spreadsheet is the best solution because you will be able to access it from any location and won’t run the risk of misplacing it.

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