Did you know there are specific rules for towing in NSW? Move yourself trailer hire is one of our most popular services and we are often asked if there are specific rules for towing a trailer. The answer is yes, there are rules for towing, as well as guidelines that should be followed to ensure you are towing responsibly.

Towing Rules NSW

These are the specific rules for towing in NSW as specified by the RMS. These include:

  • Only one trailer is to be towed at a time.
  • No adults or children are to ride in the trailer.
  • Learner drivers are not allowed to tow.
  • P1 licence holders can tow small trailers (up to 250kg weight).

Towing a trailer will affect the performance of your vehicle and can be tricky. Lots of practice is the best way to acquire the appropriate level of knowledge and skill to tow safely.

Tips For Towing A Trailer

Towing a trailer affects many aspects of your vehicle’s performance including fuel consumption, braking, acceleration, control and manoeuvrability. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Towing Tips:

  • Slow down before curves in the road.
  • Allow longer distances for braking.
  • Reversing can be difficult. It’s a good idea to have someone outside the vehicle to start with.
  • Keep your eyes on the road, especially what might be happening up ahead.
  • Plan out rest stops if you are travelling long distances.
  • Check your tyre pressure and ensure all your lights are working.

A properly fitted towbar is essential for towing so speak to your mechanic if you are unsure.

Trailer Hire in Ulladulla

Looking for move yourself trailer hire? Hampton Hire & Storage has a range of trailers suitable for almost any job. Choose from:

  • Tipping Trailer (7 x 4 with or without cage)
  • Dual axle car trailers
  • Cage Trailer (8 x 5) single or dual axle
  • 10 x 6 cage trailer, dual axle

Cage trailers are extremely versatile and the high sides make it easy to secure your load. Car trailers are ideal if you need to move an unroadworthy vehicle safely and simply. Request a trailer hire quote rom Hampton Hire & Storage Ulladulla today.